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Spotlight on Michelle Prak

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Graphic with portrait of Michelle Prak Author

Taking the literary world by storm with her latest novel The Rush, hailed as one of the most exciting debut novels of recent times, Michelle Prak is an Adelaide-based author whose passion for storytelling has led her to create gripping and emotionally charged works of fiction.

Born in Perth and raised in Whyalla, Michelle has always had a deep love of literature. She graduated from the University of South Australia with a degree in Journalism and went on to hone her skills as a writer by working as a PR specialist for a number of years. During this time, Michelle developed a keen eye for detail and an ability to capture the essence of a story in a few well-chosen words. Her first book, Goodbye Newsroom (self-published in 2019), draws on Michelle’s own experiences as a leader in PR and the changing landscape of journalism and social media. The debut novel is set in the fast-paced world of journalism and delves into the personal and professional struggles of its protagonist, Holly, a young writer frustrated with the old-school approach of her editor. As Holly and her sister Anna navigate through the challenges of a shrinking newsroom and the rise of digital media, they confront ethical dilemmas, corporate pressures – and a sprinkle of romance. Michelle Prak's insightful storytelling captures the essence of the journalism profession,

exploring themes of social media pressures, young entrepreneurialism, and the rise of the influencer. Goodbye Newsroom is a humorous reflection on the evolution of news media and the technological challenges it still faces.

It was during many road trips around Australia that Michelle began to develop the idea for her gripping novel, The Rush. The novel centres around four young people driving from Adelaide to Darwin. They’re set for the quintessential Australian experience, however, torrential rains are forecast. Meanwhile, young publicans Andrea and Matt are sandbagging The Pindarry – an iconic Outback pub – in preparation. Matt is called away to help on a neighbouring property, leaving Andrea alone with their toddler son. She’s bunkered down for the night when a bikie arrives at the hotel seeking shelter. Eventually, the characters converge on The Pindarry.

The characters are vividly drawn, and the plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Michelle's writing is both powerful and sensitive, and she handles the complex issues of the novel with a deftness that is truly impressive.

Since its release, The Rush has been widely praised by critics and readers alike. It has been described as "a stunning debut" and "a tour de force of storytelling". Michelle's unique voice and her ability to create unforgettable characters have marked her out as a writer to watch.

As she continues to write, Michelle remains firmly rooted in her hometown of Adelaide. The city's community of writers – including Writers SA and Sisters in Crime SA – have provided her with a rich source of support, and she is passionate about promoting fellow authors.

Michelle Prak is a talented writer with a unique perspective on the world. The Rush is an electrifying and entertaining work of fiction that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it. As she continues to write, Michelle is sure to establish herself as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary thrillers.

Buy Michelle Prak's "The Rush" HERE.

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