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Finding Direction

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Amy Who? Digital Client Case Study

Boutique Psychology

South Melbourne

Client Intro

Boutique Psychology is a psychology services clinic based in South Melbourne. They exist to support families and people in the community via access to affordable psychology services and specialised ADHD, Autism and other cognitive assessments.

Problem Goal

Boutique Psychology operates in a complex field of specialised services, some of which take multiple appointments to complete and ongoing support for their clients. Boutique Psychology was ready for a new way of structuring their offerings which created a clear journey for their clients to access the particular services individually. Google Ads that focused on the particular areas of the business that needed strengthening were required. General Ads were not effective in the highly competitive space of assessments and psychological services in Victoria.


Founded by Psychologist Cindy Parsons and building upon her work as a supervisor of provisional psychologists, Boutique Psychology was early in the development of their digital marketing when Amy Who? Digital came onboard.


We worked with current information from the Autistic Community to create language that expressed Boutique Psychology's values in a series of Google Ad Campaigns. These campaigns had an immediate effect on bookings.

A devic with client case study for Amy Who? Digital

Content that really matters

We created a system of publishing content that fed the website's SEO as well as creating accessibility information for their clients to create easier pathways to support. This content grew the websites Search Engine Results and Visibility in the Melbourne market.

Website User experience

We created a website design where users could have many of their initial questions or doubts answered on one page. Each page focused on the process of being assessed for Autism or ADHD. These pages created a real-life funnel for Boutique Psychology to better serve their clients.

A devic with client case study for Amy Who? Digital

Social media presence

We created and carried a simple brand from the website onto social media and followed the direction of the businesses focus. This social media presence gave Boutique Psychology an entry point point via relevant hashtags, topical posting and community engagement.

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Case-studies from our clients

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A graphic with a computer and an arrow that goes to a client case study

We're growing 
with digital marketing

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